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What I Can Do for Your Pet



Unfortunately I can't offer a full groom at this moment in time however, I do offer minor groom services such as the following;

  • Claw Clippings​

  • Anal Gland Excretion



I offer a full range of different training options. I offer the following;

  • Puppy Classes

  • Recall

  • Any other issues, I will help in anyway I can.

These services come with little notes that will get emailed to you after every session so you can read through all we've been through.​

I tend to do 1-1 to engage more with the dog, but can do socialisations too.



I offer a full range of pet sitting options ranging from hour visits to overnight.

I shall explain each of these here!

Overnight Stays-£35 per night (can vary and travel is not included)

These are for when you can't or don't want your animal to be left at home overnight. It allows for you to feel at ease that they won't be alone or stressed overnight.

Day Stays- £12 per hour (Travel not included) 

£30 for the day if after an overnight stay.

This is for when you need me for a day to come and watch your animal for you, this one is on the condition they can be left for an hour to enable me to go to another job I may have.

Hour Visits-£12 per hour (Travel not included)

This is for when you need someone to pop in for a couple of hours maybe when you're going on a night out and can't leave your puppy or animal for that long, or just don't want them to be alone.

Pop ins-£12 (Travel not included)

This is for a pop in visit maybe to feed your animal and clean the litter, enclosure etc



With my Dog Walking services you can rest assured that your pooch is being walked safely and with tonnes of treats and cuddles.

When on the walk pictures will be taken and sent to you so you can see your pooch going on their walkies.

The duration of the walk is dependant on you however, the prices (which may vary) are the following;

Any walk up to and including an hour are £12 (Travel is not included)

If you'd like a walk longer than that or with more dogs pop me a message and I'm more than happy to quote you on how much it would be.

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