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Amy Brown

Why I chose to work with animals?

I decided from a very young age that I wanted to work with animals. I grew up with two tabbies named Tigger and Posie who ended being my best friends when I was little. Since I moved up to Bourne I have since got 7 cats, who have also been the bestest friends I could’ve ever asked for. Their names are Bovril, Pickle, Beans, Pretzel and Dumpling, Mars and Crunchie. Unfortunately my start to life wasn’t the greatest and my animals were the only thing keeping me sane. So animals have been my life and my safe space so I’m hoping to show that love and care to as many animals as possible, as who doesn’t love fur baby cuddles.

My history with animals

Like in the previous section I have  stated that animals are my life. I’ve had tonnes of experience with such a variety of animals from having cats and dogs. I also have experience with so many different species of animal from doing a sub-diploma at college, which I worked with exotics, domestic animals, some nocturnal animals and some smaller farmyard animals such as Chickens. 
I’ve also had to have experience with handling other animals due to the course and as every cat owner will know they bring things in so I’ve had some experience with rehabilitating some animals. 

My Qualifications

I have some animal related qualifications and I am always updating them as there is always more to learn!

The qualifications include the following;

Level 3 Sub-Diploma in Animal Management 

Level 3 Animal Care

Level 3 Animal Management

Level 3 Exotic Animal Care

Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

What is my goal?

My goal is to love as many animals as possible. I've always wanted to do something I enjoy and who doesn't love cuddling furry animals all day!

In all honesty animals are a huge part of my life and I know it can be difficult for people to trust someone with them as I struggle to trust anyone with mine as they're my babies. My real goal is to look after as many animals as possible and gain the trust of the owners as its a massive thing for me when an owner says they trust me with their animal as I know what a big thing that can be.

With that I hope you'll give the chance to meet your fur babies and to gain your trust.

Hope to see you soon!

Amy x

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